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The ITE Puerto Rico Section is an association of transportation professionals that promotes the development of its members in all areas related to transportation and the enhancement of the Puerto Rico transportation system. The ITE Puerto Rico Section is part of District 10 of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). ITE is an international educational and scientific association that encourages education, stimulates research, develops public awareness programs and serves as a conduit for the exchange of professional information.

The following are the goals of the ITE Puerto Rico Section:

1. Advance the objectives of the ITE.
2. Foster a closer association of ITE members.
3. Encourage members to prepare or discuss papers.
4. Prepare suggestions on matters of policy to the Board of Direction of the ITE.
5. Consider local transportation engineering problems.
6. Cooperate with other local engineering groups on matters of common interest.
7. Present the transportation engineering point of view consistent with established ITE policies.
8. Encourage the introduction of transportation engineering courses in colleges, universities, and technical schools in the Section.

Policies of the ITE Puerto Rico Section

Puerto Rico Section Charter

Puerto Rico Section Bylaws

2020 Section Board Officers

Lynnette Alicea-León, EIT, MSCE
CSA Group
Wilfredo R. Cordero-Cruz, EIT, MECE, RSP1
Vice President
Metric Engineering of Puerto Rico
David Ramos, EIT, MEM
Puerto Rico Highway Transportation Authority
Bryan Ruiz Cruz, MSCE
CMA Architects & Engineers
Zaida E. Rico-Rolón, PE, PhD
Past President
CMA Architects & Engineers
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